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My name is Guy Kostrey and I have been operating Day In The Life Legal Video services for over 10 years. I have been formally trained in Motion Picture Production at Ryerson University and The University of Toronto. I have a small, dedicated staff who have consistently proven over the years to have the skill, expertise, subtlety and compassion necessary to produce unmatched Day In The Life videos.

“I produce videos for litigators which place the viewer in the shoes of your client for his or her full waking day and sometimes their night as well. A well produced ‘Day In the Lifes’ video can convey a sense of hope on the part of the client, showing they are not a quitter and, no matter how bleak the situation, is trying his or her best to overcome all insurmountable odds to recover. It is human nature to care more about someone that we feel like we know, and when the viewer sees a client’s drive to rehabilitate themself, there is a greater motivation to award sufficient damages to help your client achieve those goals.”

Guy Kostrey, President

Some of the Law Firms we have done work for:

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