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To convey the challenges of your client’s daily life with maximum effect, you need the compelling advantage a “Day In the Life” Video generates. It is usually less than 35 minutes in length and is often between 15 and 25 minutes. Of course each file is unique and some cases require longer videos, but the greatest impact on the viewer is a video delivering more information in less time, avoiding the potential boredom of a longer, amateur production.

  • Complete video shooting
  • Planning & coordinating with all involved parties
  • Complete, professional digital editing
  • Delivery on DVD and web or any format required
  • Divided into chapters or ‘chunks’ (if necessary), for complete playback control
  • Inclusion of photos and existing video
  • Any necessary graphics, titles and visual/audio aids
Other Specialty Services
  • Running time code
  • Time stamping
  • Time Lapse
  • Forensic video capture
  • Freeze Framing
  • Slow Motion
  • Crop and Zoom
  • Virtually any method imaginable is available here at Legal Day In The Life Video to bring your production exactly where it needs to be.
Experience Makes The Difference

Our Day In the Life videos have successfully incorporated many areas such as MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, WRONGFUL DEATH, FAMILY LAW CLAIMS, CLASS ACTIONS, PERSONAL INJURY

In addition, through our connection with SCENESKAPE PRODUCTIONS , we have written, directed and produced hundreds of videos around the world including commercials, promotional videos, training videos, feature film support and more for companies like ICON Films, Daimler Chrysler, M&M Mars Corporation, CARA Foods, Swiss Chalet and Kelseys, Universal Music, McNeil Consumer Products, Eureka Ranch, Vision TV to name a few .... you’re in good hands.